Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Billboards I'd like to see, Vol. 3

Ahh, the joy of imagining the promise locked under blouse and bra. It's the only excitement I get these days, but I digress.

I want to say that you'll have to forgive me for my insanely busy Monday that kept me from posting. I had a doctor appointment that took up 3 hours thanks to my back. I visited a customer and spent a few hours fixing her system after I let her know that I would be leaving my current employer and would be on the market. If it was up to her, I'd be hired already. This might be a tough sell to her supervisors since that would have to create a position for me. We shall see, tho. I've spent most of the evening working on a resume to send her, and I didn't even get to finish it. I did peek at the Monday Night game, however. The game was my only enjoyment of the day other than a call from an ex-gf while I was driving from the doctor's office to the customer.

I've spent my evening thinking of how to impress people. Most of it revolved around the resume that I was creating. Some around people in general. Eventually I went to thinking about impressing women sexually. I would've taken care of myself by now, but for once my sister is home and feeling nosy. Sighs.

It's been a long, draining, and somewhat frustrating day for me. I'm heading to bed knowing that I have to wake up way too early in the morning to get things done for work, and that I probably need the sleep more than an orgasm, so I'll probably remained unfulfilled two days in a row. Hopefully all of you are enjoying sleep, wet dreams, and/or multiple orgasms. Take care.


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