Friday, December 02, 2005

Odd Signs and Occurances

First of all, I'm damn glad to be home. I dragged my stuff into my room, dumped it on the floor, and got a cold beer from the fridge. I had a couple more after I finished off the first one. Then I took some Tylenol. I almost decided to down a full sixer or half a glass of scotch tonight, but I have a feeling with how damaged I got on this last trip, that any more alcohol will have me feeling completely miserable in the morning. I think I have just enough to knock my ass out after I finish this last one. I just have to finish my paperwork for this week in the morning, and I'm free until monday.

I wish I had my camera in the front seat this afternoon. There were two signs that I would've like to share. You'll just have to imagine here. In Fergus Falls, MN there is a restaraunt advertising a sandwich that's 16oz. of pulled pork, bacon, and BBQ pork. The name for it is the "Pork Pounder". You can't make shit up this good, I swear.

The other was advertised across a huge billboard just off the Interstate. The company's name was in big, bold letters. "We Do Cows!" Driving closer you see it's a vetrinary company (and online as but at first I thought to myself, "I guess the gals around here are healthy eaters." Maybe it's because I am punchy, but that had me giggling on and off for 20 miles.

Finally, I had an odd occurance just after I checked into the Hilton on Tuesday. Maybe it isn't really an odd occurance, but it was a first for me. On my way to the elevators, I saw a fairly attractive woman. I think she was native american instead of hispanic, but she had that kind of skin tone. She came up to me and asked if how I was doing, what brought me there, and some general chit-chat. I thought she might've been a hotel employee until she smiled, handed me a card, and told me to give her a call if I needed anything. Looking down at the card, I saw that it was for an escort agency. I'd never been propositioned before, so it was a bit of a surprise to me. I tossed the card to avoid temptation. I'm barely hanging on to my last shreds of dignity here, so I don't need any more temptation or frustration.

Here's my question for you guys: Do you think she targeted me because...

I was male and alone?
I look like I have money?
I look as desperate as I feel?
or would you say it's something entirely different?

I'm just curious to see what ideas you have here. My curiosity is dwelling on this one for some reason. Take care and have fun dreams


At 7:52 PM, Blogger All Things Dave said...

Her job *is* to know who looks successful and one to have some $$$ on him.

Congrats on making it home safe.

P.S. You never mentioned the type of scotch you were drinking.

At 10:12 PM, Blogger Erik said...

Thanks on the well wishes. I'm very glad to be home.

I'm still working my way through a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue which is pure heaven in a glass. After I finish that, I'm going to try out a bottle of J.W. Gold to see how that is, or maybe the J.W. Green is if anyone supplies it in the Milwaukee area. I'd keep buying the Blue but at $180-200 a bottle, I try to space out my drinks a bit.


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