Thursday, January 18, 2007

Anger is a gift

You would not believe how pissed off I am. I've spent 94 hours over the last 9 days trying to get it working again. What is "it" you ask?

World of Warcraft.

I know, I'm pathetic. A computer game is the best thing in my life. Worse yet, it's not working.

I may have to blow my savings on a brand new computer in order to get it running since the one I have seems to choke ever since last Tuesday on this new patch. If I didn't enjoy the game so much, I would've ditched it outright. I like to play, tho. It's been the closest thing to a constant companion as I've had for the last 2 years.

I've spent more time trying to fix computer problems than I have anything else. 94 hours of computer repair on top of 56 hours at work fixing computer errors. At work I at least fix them in 20 minutes or less. I've spent 10-15 hours doing chores and stuff in that time, and the rest sleeping. A pretty sad life, indeed. I haven't even bothered jerking off for the most part. I've been too involved in fixing the piece of shit on my desk.

All I have is anger and frustration.

Pretty sad.

Bonus points if you know the song quote.