Thursday, March 22, 2007

He's going the distance

After (in)Action Report

Saint Patty's day.

What a day to go out, get a lottery ticket, talk smack, rock out with my cock out, and then get stewed, screwed, and tattooed. Right?

Go to my bar? Check.

Lottery ticket? Check.

Losing lottery ticket? Yeah, go figure... that's a check. No biggie.

Talk smack? Check.

Rock out with my cock out? Since I wasn't at a gay bar, that's a figurative check.

Stewed? As far as I remember, that's at least 12 Guinness's, 1 green Miller Lite, 4 Smithwick's, 2 shots of Irish whiskey, and to end the day 2 back-to-back Irish Carbombs. There could be more, tho. I'll say that's a check.

Screwed? Figuratively, check. Staining sheets, furniture, carpeting or lack thereof if she is good enough to share with my white sticky goodness? NOT a check.

Tattooed? Not on St. Patty's day, although I need to start drawing up the pattern for my next one. So no check there.

Scary fact? I had half a quart of orange juice before I went to bed, and the rest of the quart after I woke up. Even before the second half a quart, I woke up with no hangover at all.

Final tally: my body was up to the challenge unlike the 2 others I helped carry out of the bar. The rest of me didn't get to try out, darnit. Was a fairly good time until I outpaced everyone I knew. Went the distance, but didn't get the trophy to have brag about it the next day. Crap.

No points today, but know the band in the quote?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Don't just call me a pessimist, try and read between the lines

I know... long time, no post. I haven't been very talkative as of late. I've been doing a lot more thinking on things. That and I've not really had much of note going on. Anyway, on to the joy.

The title today is from a great song. Bonus points as always if you figure it out. It came to mind after reading this in my Monday batch o' news. It sure points to why I may act the way I do. Not an excuse, but maybe an explanation to ponder. Let me know what you think.

Trying to give myself something to look forward to, I decided to get a 13 pack of tickets for the Brewers this year. I got a good deal on them to begin with, and then they threw in a free ticket to Opening Day, too. This will be my first ever Opening Day, too. I'm really looking forward to April 2nd. Took off for that day and I'll be leaving early for all the other games. Just in time, too.

Just after requesting off and getting approval, one of my coworkers found a new job, so all new vacation days have been put on hold until further notice. So I'll be forced to pick up the slack, since I'm the only one who seem to want to put forth extra effort. We had a section of 5 people when I started. We were one short as of a month ago. Now we'll be 3. It only figures that the person who is leaving is the most productive of the bunch. I'll have to work all the extra shifts, too. The other people are all senior to me, and have families. Not Erik, tho. He's a glutton for punishment.

I need a vacation or something already.

Hopefully this makes sense as I'm writing it after being awake the last 22 hours while already being short of sleep this week. I tend to ramble as I get more and more tired. Feel sorry for my coworkers as they have to deal with me all day as I get spacier as the day goes on. Then again, they might not notice me at all. I certainly could use a nap.