Sunday, July 31, 2005

Weighty matters

For the first time in two months I weighed myself. I don't care too much about my weight, but I was noticing my clothes were feeling a little looser. The last time I weighed myself, I was 228 pounds. Today, I am at 202. I was amazed by that. I know I've been working out a bit, but not that much. Since my job has me on the road quite a bit, I eat a lot of fast food. I got a membership to Bally's to keep from getting obese, and maybe even work off the belly I was starting to develop.

Looking at myself in the mirror after my shower, I can't see where 26 pounds went. Maybe it's because the part I focus on is my stomach since it's right in front of me. Maybe it's because I don't see those changes because they happen so slowly. Who knows?

I mainly work out on a Precor elliptical machine. I hop on for an hour at a time and try to keep it above 175 steps per minute. According to the machine, I burn 10 calories a minute at that speed. I have no idea if that's the truth, but I usually feel fairly drained after an hour. In another month or two, I'm going to start using weights as well. However, I'm going to stick to just burning off the calories for now. I'll work on getting buff later.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Send lawyers, money, and guns

We are having a bit of a crime wave here in Milwaukee. The homocide rate is 30 to 50 percent higher this year than many previous years. It's still not huge like many bigger cities, but it's significant. Of course, since Wisconsin is a blue state, the first idea to come across the table to fix the problem is to get rid of the guns. They want to restrict sales and buy back guns that are already in the community.

I'm confused as to how this is supposed to help the problem. Do they honestly think that the gangs will disarm themselves? I'm fairly sure that most criminals get their weapons illegally, so restricting sales isn't going to do anything but hurt the public in the long run.

I wish I could say that getting rid of guns would fix the problem, but in order for it to work, everyone would have to get rid of them. Every person and country on this earth. It's a noble idea to have an unarmed society, but as soon as there is one person with one, he holds the power. Mao was a smart man when he said that "power comes from the barrel of a gun."

I also don't like the idea of treading on the Bill of Rights. I would think that they put the first ten amendments in order of importance. The first amendment is the freedom of speech, and despite the Republicans effort, we still have the right to it. The second amendment is hurting. I'm all for requiring registration of guns, waiting periods, and training. What irks me is when they start banning weapons, particularly when they do it in such a dumb way.

The assault weapon ban is a frightening piece of legislation. First of all, it bans fully automatic weapons made or imported after 1988 for personal use. Fun fact is that if you incorporate yourself, you can buy automatic weapons for the "company's" use, and it's fully legal. You just have to return or sell the weapon if the company shuts down. The next thing it bans is larger magazine sizes. A trained operator can reload in under 3 seconds, so what' the point? There are a few other points to the law, but that's the guts of the issue. Legislative stupidity.

The general idea out there, is that guns and particularly fully automatic guns are bad and lead to our insanely high firearm death rate in this country. It makes sense if you only take a quick overview of the issue. One thing most Americans don't realize is that there are other countries that have high levels of gun ownership without the death rate. In Switzerland, every household must have an assault rifle and a significantly sized stockpile of ammunition (500 rounds last I checked) by law. Why don't they have have problems? Training and attitude. They are required to know all about the gun they have in their home. When you train someone in how to use a weapon, the first thing you teach them is gun safety. Attitude is also an important factor. The Swiss are generally fairly reserved and polite. They think of the group before the individual. Americans generally are none of the above.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll revisit this issue again, but for now I'll stop. Some people might gather that I'm a Republican or Democrat by what I say, but honestly, I'm neither. I think that there are pros and cons for both sides, but since there are effectively only two sides to the political spectrum in this country, the issues tend to get polarized. More people need to think for themself instead of being sheep on the Republican or Democratic bandwagon. And to end today's note, my favorite quote about the freedom of speech.

"I love my country because I have the right to hate it."

Friday, July 29, 2005

Games and advertising

Ok, this will be a short post since I just got back from my last trip and have a bunch of things to do, but I have been neglecting this too long. There will be a longer post later today.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas- I love how the watchdog groups are just realizing that you can mod games. I know people who were modifying games 5 or more years ago. I'm fairly sure that someone created a mod for Tomb Raider that had Lara Croft running around naked when it came out all of those years ago. Do you know what you have to do to make a game that is rated "Adults Only"? One exposed nipple. Nudity is the only way to get an AO rating, since graphic and gratuitous violence like in the GTA series doesn't do it. Here's a PVP comic that sums it up.

I also heard two ads that made me laugh this week. They weren't meant to be funny, but my twisted imagination had fun with them.

"Pink tastes better than you think." -- Pepto Bismol ad
(I always thought pink tasted pretty good anyway)

"Craving the cream puff?" -- Wisconsin State Fair ad
(no explaination necessary)

Any other good ads I've missed? Let me know.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Unkind names

The other day, a friend and I were discussing names that seem to pop up in the "ghetto". I'm not talking about the traditional African names, I'm talking about the severely messed up names. I was relating the tale of two sisters (or would that be sistas?) I saw. The first one was named Valencia. Her name didn't really catch my attention until I heard her sister's name. Vendetta. First of all, why would you name a child after a word for revenge? Also, did they get the names for their children out of the World Book Encyclopedia, Volume V?

My friend laughed at my tale and opened up the treasure trove of his experience. He works for Child Protective Services in the inner city here in Milwaukee. He gets to see children with the dumbest names you could imagine like Princessa and Marijuana Cocacola Jones. The final story he related to me blew my mind, tho.

First of all, I can only chalk up this name to child abuse. This parent or parents must have hated this child before he came into this world, or been on multiple illicit drugs. His first name was "Little Purple". The coupe de grace that made the name truly painful was the last name. It's a very common surname, too. See if you can guess it.
Johnson. The boy is named Little Purple Johnson. What the hell is wrong with these people, and why didn't the hospital staff beat the crap out of the parents for even thinking of that name? That child should have been taken from them immediately so he could be adopted into a family that would give him a name that would give him a chance in life.

The amount of stupidity out there frightens me. It's corroding my faith in humanity daily.

Let me know if you have some other disturbing names out there.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Bad move

This morning has me looking around online and since I needed a good laugh, I was reading the archives at Sinfest. Click the link to the right, and you'll be glad you did. Tatsuya Ishida does a good job of making you laugh, but he can sneak in a great bit of insight here than there as well.

I needed the cheering up since I've had my nose rubbed in all the things I've done wrong in the last 5+ years. I'm sure a few of the people were well meaning. Most of them didn't realize that they were adding to the long list of recent comments. Either way, I'm sitting here with a bruised ego, and feeling introspective. That's what the blog is for, I suppose.

I'm not very good at guessing what people are thinking. Knowing boundaries isn't my thing either. I tend to have spectacular results, tho. I either do or say things perfectly, or I crash and burn for all to see. Needless to say, my social life is filled with a great deal of wreckage. Here are a few highlights:

I dressed up as a priest for halloween one year. Real shirt and collar as well. At the bar I went to, I seemed to have offended everyone with my costume which I realized after I ordered my second drink. The high point of the night was trying to finish my drink while a gal argued with me that my costume was inappropriate.

A previous girlfriend and I went on vacation together. She was bi and we had talked about having a threesome at some time. On the first day of the trip, she saw a cute gal and pointed her out to me. "Do you think she's pretty?" Being the honest guy I am, I agreed. "Would you want to sleep with her?" I missed the icy chill coming into the room. I thought she was fishing to get me aroused, so I said "Yeah, although I think it would be more fun to have her come back to our room so we could share her." She held that grudge the rest of the two week vacation.

I could go on and on with examples. I don't try to piss people off, but I do a damn good job of overstepping good taste and common sense on a semi-regular basis. I'm oblivious to clues and hints as well. A lovely combination, wouldn't you say?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bodily rebellion

My body and I need to have a serious chat one of these days. Not about that, tho. I mean, it's expected that I curse myself for my overabundant hormones, and overactive imagination. Not the problem of the moment, however.

I'm tired as hell. The first evening I stay in a hotel, it is almost guaranteed that I will not sleep well. I tossed and turned for an hour or two before I finally slept. I have not yet found a hotel to stay at that has a pillow approaching firm. Bastards. Anyway, so I got maybe 3 hours of sleep. Today, I was in 4 different cities visiting customers to fix their problems and covered about 300 miles. I hit a bar with a couple of friends, and can't even get past 4 beers as I am dead on my feet. I drive home and once I settle into comfy clothes (wish I was naked, but that's a whole different story). Once I'm on the couch it hits me. I'm back to being wide awake for no reason. Dammit! No sugar, no caffeine, not even any day dreaming or masturbation... but I'm wide freakin' awake.

Two hours later, I figure I might as well log on and blog. If I am awake much longer, I'm just going to take a hammer to the forehead. I logged on at first to look at porn, but I'm too tired to even focus on masturbation. It just isn't fair. Where are those naughty and nude masseuses I ordered? They are severely overdue.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Today has me in Green Bay which I was barely able to find a decent hotel room. I found out that the EAA in going on in Oshkosh. Aparently this is a huge event because Green Bay is almost 40 miles away, and yet has just about every decent hotel room in this city taken up. The only time that I know the hotels get like this is Packer home games, and it's too damn hot for that. I guess that growing up in Wisconsin has me trained that cold weather=football. No matter what team you may cheer for, you always have to be in awe of Lambeau Field and the people of Green Bay who have filled Lambeau full since the mid 60's no matter how freakin' cold it gets.

Speaking of frigid, I've been amazed by women that I meet in Wisconsin. Just about all women here fit into three categories. The first group are the puritans. For either religious, "moral", or drilled in fear from society or mommy and daddy, they see sex as nasty, evil, bad, and strictly to be had between married folks to spawn the next generation of zealots to annoy fun loving people everywhere.

The next group doesn't avoid sex, but they truly scare me. For lack of a better term, we'll call them "skanks". These are your Paris Hilton wannabe's. Dumb as a rock, and lover of every passing fad or reality show out there. You can entertain them with shiny objects, and they end up sleeping with just about any guy to show them attention or money. No matter how beautiful they might be, I can't deal with the vapid attitude and stupidity. Bleh.

The final group are just plain nasty. Some are nasty for physical reasons. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not dropping gals into this group because they aren't supermodels. I'm talking your morbidly obese, inability to clean themselves, almost disfigured, or rotting teeth type. Of course, some are nasty because of their personality. Liars, co-dependant leeches, and psycho gals... out of the pool, you don't get to play. Ewww, ewww, ewww.

Did I miss anyone? Object? Is it just here in Wisconsin? I dunno... leave a message.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Learning Curve(s)

Taking a break from the tedious process of learning how to use this blog, I starting perusing other ones. My goodness there are a lot of attractive gals out there. It starts kicking in my brain how long it's been since I've gotten laid for some reason. I can't believe it's been about 10 months for me. And it was a much longer wait before that. Of course, I can blame my ex-girlfriend for the period of time before that. The one bad breakup I've ever been through, and it had me a bit hateful of the fairer sex. So I stayed away by choice then.

Now I'm in a weird position in life. I took a job that has me training all over the midwest, and it's killed my social life. I was lucky that I was able to visit that ex of mine, because I don't often travel to her state. It is nice to be her "favorite cock", tho. Anytime I head her way, I can indulge in some no strings fun. It's too bad that I can't seem to meet more people like that. The few I knew who were open-minded have all moved away.

Back to my frustrations, while looking at blogs, I saw many lovely women. I truly miss breasts. They're fun to look at, play with, nibble on, etc, etc. Not that other parts aren't fun to nibble on, but I'm much more likely to see breasts in my future than anything else. Skin-tight shirts with no bras and a breeze and Bam! those nipples just pop out. It's one of my few pleasures these days, I tell ya.

First Post

Welcome to my little abode for all of you who are reading this from the beginning.

I'm not quite sure where to begin, as I've never put myself out there very much. I haven't read many blogs either, but as the digital extrovert I am, I'm trying this anyway. I'm not too sure if I'm getting more introspective because my 30th birthday is coming up, or I just have more experience to draw on these days. I suppose that's another reason I'm here. Might as well give you a bit of background on me.

First of all, I am probably one of the palest people you will ever meet that isn't goth. You can thank my Irish/English/Scotish and little bits of Northern European heritage for that. I only turn two colors, red and white. My height and weight are pretty average, although the bit of a gut I developed the last few years is going away slowly thanks to a gym membership. My hair was bright red when I was young, but every year it seems to get darker. Now it's almost black, but in the sun you can occaisionally see a bit of red stand out.

Well, that's enough for now as I have to play with all of these settings.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Holding place for pictures