Monday, October 30, 2006

Like every day that bores me.

I haven't had much to say lately. I get into that mood from time to time. I don't post anything on my blog, I don't comment on other people's blogs, and I haven't been sending out any emails that aren't work related. Maybe I have had things to say, but I just don't have that impetus, that spark to write what I am thinking. Not really sure why.

Anyway, sitting here at work reminded me of something I wanted to share. The person in the next cubicle is about to be fired. She doesn't know it yet, although with all the stupid things she does she should know it's coming. First of all, she was making personal calls on the phone in her cube to her family. In Georgia. Somehow she didn't think that they'd notice. They did.

When they busted her for that, she started sneaking into the conference room to make calls. To the same people at the same numbers. I guess she didn't think that the company had people who could add 1 and 1 together and come up with 2 for an answer. Busted again.

Combine this with her coming in to work at whatever times suited her, taking 2+ hour breaks (on the clock, of course), and spending a good portion of her day on the phone while getting none of her work done. Personally, I wondered after my first week of working here why she still had a job. Then I figured it out. They were using the kid gloves because she's black.

I am amazed that she's survived this long. She's a special kind of stupid and completely ghetto all in one. For example- Her "fiance" lives outside of London. She met him on the internet and they are finally going to meet for the first time in a couple weeks. He's originally from Nigeria and has been asking her for personal information like her social security number and such, which she's been giving him. I don't know if it's possible to throw up any more red flags. Oh, and the first thing she wants to do in London? Go to Walmart to see if it's different than it is here. As I said, a special kind of stupid.

The last post's title comes from Johnny Cash's "Sunday morning coming down." Bonus points offered for today's quote. More posts coming soon.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm wishing, Lord, that I was stoned.

I'm feeling pretty beat up today. It's been a lot longer week than I would've guessed. Worse yet, I've worked every day since Tuesday. I still have to work Monday through Friday as well. I'm really looking forward to Saturday when I can really crash and not have to do anything.

Another reason I'm so tired is that I've been working on dropping some pounds. I signed up for the Bloggest Loser to kick my ass in gear to do it. I started getting serious about working out again. I started out at 225 pounds. At the end of week one, I was already down 4 pounds. I decided to kick it up a notch by going on a low carb diet. I weigh in on Tuesday, but just to check to see if that was doing more, I weighed myself this morning. Already 6 more pounds for the week.

One thing I noticed about going low carb is that I get tired quickly. Working out has been grueling this week. I also feel more sore than I did last week. If I keep dropping pounds like I have been, I will only be on it for another few weeks. Once I'm down around 190 or so will I go off of it and keep working out. That is unless I start gaining muscle mass to counter the weight loss. I don't care so much about what I weigh. I just want to drop the beer gut I have.

Another thing that has me tired this week is that my ex-gf who I visted last week has been calling a lot needing support. Her dad died earlier this week, and I've become the go to guy for emotional support. I never learned how to stop caring about people, so I keep talking to her and helping her. I guess I must be a sucker for doing this since she is happily living with her boyfriend and really should be going to him. Weird, eh?

Anyway, I better head to bed so I can go back to the grind tomorrow and be able to function. I thought the title was fitting for today. Bonus points for figuring it out. Even more points for figuring out why I keep supporting someone who lives with someone and is a few states away.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Kansas City, Here I come.

I had quite a good time down the Missouri way. Went to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival for the weekend with a good friend and spent an extra day down there just hanging out. Since I'm still very tired (and sore in a few places), here are a few of the parts that stand out in my mind.

-The obvious

-Seeing trees with green leaves and temps in the 70's.

-Great live acts. At least for a Ren Faire.

-Being a smart ass with said acts and getting cheered by the audience and act alike.

-Almost felt like I had a girlfriend for a weekend. Nice little ego boost for me.

-The pub crawl at the end of the Faire and the jokes from it. Example: "What's the difference between light and hard? You can sleep with a light on." Most of the others require a visual.

-Bodices. Some you want to forget you ever saw it. Most you want to unwrap to see more.

-The drive back. Nine and a half hours of solid storms. Grrr.

-Compared to some of the people there, I feel quite normal. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, tho.

Now it's back to real life for me. Work, responsibility, and an empty bed. I wonder why I wish I was back there? *laughs*

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Serenity Now!

I'm still here, but only barely. It's been a rough week so far. I started it out this weekend, tho. The was a wedding in the family, which I agreed to go to. I was probably drunk at the time. It was a fairly normal wedding, and at the reception, I saw the Irish side of the family come out. One particular group was rambunctious as ever. It had been so long since I saw them last that I didn't recognise them. Once they got a few drinks in them, it was hard not to recognise them. I told more than a few relatives that I didn't recognise them only because they didn't have a drink in hand. Gotta love family.

Since a few of us got to the reception early, we had to either wait an hour for the reception bar to open or find our own booze. Since we were downtown, I took some of them down the street to Mo's Irish Pub. Most of them were from central Wisconsin, so they were completely out of place downtown. A few looked like they wanted to bug out ASAP. After a couple drinks we headed up to the reception again since the bar was open at that point. I ended up spending most of the night drinking with the one cool cousin I could find. Was drinking from 6pm to 4am. I was severely hung over on Sunday. I'm glad that she was riding back home with other family members and not driving herself.

So Sunday was a waste of a day. I rehydrated, slept, lather, rinsed, repeated. The funny thing was that I still felt tired on Monday at work.

Monday and Tuesday were rough to say the least. The help desk staff was Poland, and boy did we get blitzkrieged. I'd say we were France, but we didn't throw up the white flag at the first call. The highlight of those days was the person who spent 5 minutes arguing with me over what store number she was at. I have caller ID. I know who I'm talking to, ya moron.

Today has been going surprisingly well. The morning was quiet which was nice because I had lots of travel plans to get done. Looks like I'm heading to Missouri again for a few days. My co-workers will probably wonder why I'm in a better mood next week. Just would be nice to not have to drive so far...

I've decided to kick my own ass into getting into shape. Maybe since it is a little bit of a competition I'll be able to get my ass seriously going. Kris (link to the right) is the nerve center for the Bloggest Loser. I put in my measurements and found out that I'm 30% fat. Yikes!

I've been at the gym every night this week, tho. After this weekend I might see about actually watching what I eat to see if I can really kick into gear. I've ever heard rumors that the winner gets a cherry or something. *laughs*

Maybe I'll post before hitting the road. See ya.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I can see through you, see to the real you

I was out having lots of fun last night. When i got home, I took a look in the mirror and I started wondering. What do people see when they see me?

I've always thought I looked a bit goofy to begin with when I look in the mirror. Since I don't talk to myself in the mirror or see myself on video, I have no clue what I look like when I'm just sitting around, having a drink, and talking stupid. I'm probably looking in to things too deeply, but that's the way my brain works.

Last night when I looked in the mirror, I tried to figure out what people might think when they look at me. What's that big scratch on his face from? (Stupid new razor decided to bite me) Why is he missing a tooth when he smiles? (Removed the baby tooth that used to be there, and haven't had time to get a bridge yet) Why does he have no eyebrows? (They're there, just not visible... I'm weird like that)

So, here's a few questions for you guys: Do you ever wonder what other people see when they look at you? What do you think people think about when you talk with them? Have I made you feel very self conscious this morning? *laughs*

Yesterday's title came straight from the Bloodhound Gang's "The inevitable return of the great white dope." Bonus points for today's title.