Sunday, December 31, 2006

I ask myself, is all hope lost?

Pretty much, yeah. But more on that later.

I got the pleasure of hanging out with Kris (aka Stitch's Playground to the right) tonight. Was nice meeting and talking with her in person, even though I didn't talk much... or listen much for that matter since there was too much noise. Wish I could've stayed longer.

On the way home I thought of some things that have been bouncing through my head regularly lately. With the events of the night fresh in my mind, I put a lot of those broken thoughts together. Not to say the company of the evening had anything to do with my thoughts, tho. The things happening around me and my own actions was more than enough to glue this all together.

I'm just not meant to get what I want. Let me try to explain a little...

I don't fit in with people to begin with. Put me in a room with more than 5 people, and I'm totally alone in a crowd. Worse yet because of my natural reaction to crowds, I isolate myself even more. Who wants to reach out to the pallid guy who can't say the right thing? Can't say that I blame them...

The work situation has gotten worse. It's become mindless and insulting. I get paid half as much as I should be for the position that I do 5 times better than the people who get paid 50% more than I. I keep looking for another job, but I'd be underpaid as bad as the current job, or I don't get the call back.

I thought of going back to college and finishing a degree. Turns out I can't get help paying for it until I get about half of my student loans paid off. Which consumes more time. Or I could just pay for college now, only I don't get paid well enough. So I have to save up more. Consuming more time. Plus I'd to pretty much have to start a new degree program. Even more time.

I don't want to even bother anymore. Every time I've tried to improve my life for the last few years, I get beaten down and put into worse shape that I was originally. Right now I'm caught in a blend of emotions that leaves me unable to sleep. I feel those screams of frustration and rage bubbling right below the surface covering up the battery acid-like bile of disgust that's burned a hole right through my soul, leaving only a hollow, empty feeling behind. All I've gotten from self improvement is destruction. So fuck it.

Here's to mediocrity and apathy. I'll do the bare minimum I need to in order to get through the day. I'll wake up, shower, work, eat, maybe go to the gym, and go home where I'll kill my brain with TV, alcohol, and video games. I'll be content with a grey, lonely, and meaningless existance. I'll still be breathing, but I'll be dead inside.

Sounds more comfortable than what I've been feeling. You win, life, I'll stop trying. I shall curl up in a ball in the corner and not get up. Will you stop fucking kicking me now?

PS- I've had a couple people ask what's wrong and such, and if I wanted to talk about it. The bad thing is that when it gets asked, they aren't near, and this is the kind of thing that I just can't bring myself to talking about on the phone. I never claimed to be totally rational...

Bonus points to Kat for getting last time's quote. There'll be a drink on me in it for you. Anyone know this one?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Twenty, twenty, twenty four hours to go...

Another random post here. One day I'll get on a more regular schedule of posting. My mind has been on a lot of things, tho.

When I posted about my mom's boyfriend, it had been a while since that all started. His cardiac event happened the day after Halloween. For the last few weeks, I've been taking care of my mom. Making sure she eats something other than microwave popcorn at the hospital, getting her mind off of the hospital, and taking care of a few things around her house. Not to mention listening and supporting her since none of my other siblings were helping.

Right before this happened, another friend's dad died and I was the supportive one there too. After all this and holding in all of the things that were bothering me, I've drained the emotional batteries down to just about empty. It doesn't help that I haven't been able to sleep lately. But more about that in a bit.

Anyway, the guy died on Thanksgiving morning. Thanksgiving wasn't exactly a happy day. We tried to go on and celebrate like normal, but there was a huge cloud over everything. Mom threw herself into helping plan the wake and all right afterward. I think she did it because she felt she had to do something. Not that she already had done more than most of his family. Anyway, tomorrow night is the wake. I really, really don't want to go to it. I'm drained and don't have much more to give. But, I'm needed.

So tonight I did the smart thing and made my own form of a sleeping pill. Cook one part roast turkey, one part stuffing and potatoes, garnish with a lack of sleep, and top it all off with a bottle of wine. If this doesn't work, nothing will. I'm finishing off the last of the wine now, and will be crawling into bed after posting this. Wish me luck, I may need it.

The title is easy, but go ahead and tell me where it's from anyway. It's very fitting, wouldn't you agree?